QAS Academy seeks to train the next generation of space scientists to carry out the IAF-GRULAC LATCOSMOS-B research program led by EXA. The implementation of this academic initiative will be fully competency-oriented and through hands-on experiences of the participants.

This process will also be the path that EXA’s CSEM candidates will have to follow to become crew members of the LATCOSMOS-C missions.


Microgravity Science and Technology

This fourth level educational program seeks to initiate professionals who wish to build a career in microgravity research, through a competency-based approach that will allow them to: formulate their experiment, design it, build it and finally fly it in the EXA’s LATCOSMOS-C missions.

Astronautics and Human Space Flight

In this program the most outstanding students of the first phase will be able to perfect their experiments and take them with them on parabolic flights of reduced gravity.The participants will also receive training to operate microgravity payloads (Tended Payloads).

The graduation of this Boot Camp will be through the parabolic flight of the participant with his Pay-Load.

Suborbital Training​

Finally, only a few selected students from the second phase will be able to apply for the EXA suborbital flight training and participate as crew members in the LATCOSMOS-C missions.

Graduation from this module is obtained only when candidates have made a suborbital flight in the LATCOSMOS-C missions.


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