Scientific Payloads in Space Flights

The second revolution in the space industry has opened a wide range of opportunities for micro gravity research, whether on sub-orbital, orbital or lunar missions.

However, to carry out scientific experimentation in a space mission is not an easy task even if it is the first time that a scientific team faces this challenge, because it is important to know the formats for the experiments, the restrictions of the type of experiment, the G forces to which the experiment will be submitted, the time lines in which the best opportunities to perform a certain type of action will exist, etc.

Quantum Aerospace has specialized human talent with experience in scientific experimentation in space flight to accompany groups of researchers who wish to send their experiments into space in all the processes that this implies, that is to say:

  • Conceptual Design of the Experiment.
  • Design of the Proof of Concept.
  • Implementation of the Proof of Concept.
  • Iterations I+D+I of the experiment
  • Miniaturization of the experiment in a format suitable for the space mission
  • Certification of the Space Mission Experiment.
  • Flight of the Space Mission Experiment
  • Recovery of the experiment and its scientific data
  • Scientific Publications.
Payloads for Manned Missions and Biometric Monitoring

Our experience in the BioNet research program makes us the right team when it comes to designing biometric systems for manned space missions.

The BioNet system will census 27 biometric variables simultaneously in the crew of LATCOSMOS-C missions. The system allows the storage of the biometric Big-Data of this experiment to be processed and studied by our Data Science experts.

Although the system is designed to be used in manned suborbital missions, we can customize it for any real time biometric monitoring application.

CubeSats Missions

The experience gained in CubeSat missions with the technical and scientific team of the Ecuadorian Civil Space Agency (EXA), makes us your best allies when it comes to designing and conceptualizing a mission with CubeSats.

Once the conceptual design of the mission is obtained, our alliance with the EXA will allow us to implement your mission with TRL9 products proven in successful space missions.

Our advisory and support process has a holistic approach that allows scientific teams to carry their experiments or industrial payloads in space flight safely and with a very high rate of success.

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